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FTUIY Episode #06: David Giron

Written By: Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

In a thought-provoking Finding the Unicorn in You podcast episode, David Giron of Riverside Pride shares his mission to build community and spread acceptance. As a new Inland Empire resident, David was disheartened by the lack of LGBTQ+ resources. So he helped launch Riverside Pride, which will host its inaugural festival on September 4, 2022.

Overcoming Challenges:

Planning Riverside Pride has been an arduous grassroots effort, with all funds raised by the local community. David admits it can be frustrating garnering more involvement and overcoming negativity. But support from youth, families, and leaders keeps him motivated to persevere.

The Power of Representation:

David stresses Riverside Pride's role in giving LGBTQ+ locals a sense of belonging. Having visibility helps youth feel less alone and shows that Riverside can be a safe, welcoming space. As a proud homeowner flying the rainbow flag, David was able to provide hope to a shy teen trick-or-treater.

Authenticity Over Acceptance:

Rather than seek approval from unsupportive people, David urges self-acceptance first. Letting go of others' judgments allows you to live genuinely, attracting people who appreciate the real you. He advises being your true self over wasting energy trying to make closed-minded folks happy.

Fostering Community:

Riverside Pride aims to create family-friendly spaces focused on togetherness over partying. The courtyard will feature a "coming out" art installment and Free Mom Hugs, offering unconditional love. David is adamant that the festival remains free and accessible to all.

Unicorn Lesson:

The key takeaway from David's outlook is that living authentically, while difficult, is the path to self-love and bringing in others who nurture your light. Replace fear of judgment with pride in your unique identity.


To hear David’s full inspirational story, check out her episode of Finding the Unicorn in You!

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David Giron exemplifies the unicorn spirit of resilience and pride. His efforts continue the legacy of those who fought for LGBTQ+ equality. Riverside Pride provides hope for youth, fosters community, and promotes authentic living. What does Pride mean to you?

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