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FTUIY Episode #09: Celeste from Celeste's Interest$

Written By: Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

On a heartwarming episode of Finding the Unicorn in You, 11-year-old Celeste from Celeste's Interest$ shares her journey of launching a business podcast amidst the pandemic. Celeste radiates kindness, motivation, and wisdom well beyond her years. Her mother Yvette Nunez joins in celebrating Celeste’s talents and unicorn spirit.

Overcoming Boredom through Curiosity:

Looking to beat quarantine boredom in 2020, Celeste pursued her interest in teaching others about business by starting her self-titled podcast. After researching equipment needs, securing guests, and drafting questions, Celeste hit record on episode one. Now nearing the end of season two, her show continues to grow.

Rainbow Mindset:

According to Celeste, unicorns possess a “rainbow mindset” - openness to exploring the world’s beauty and possibilities. She credits her own colorfully curious nature for inspiring the podcast and learning from her guests. Celeste embraces unfamiliar things as new adventures.

Balancing Passions:

While juggling school, gymnastics, and recording episodes, Celeste has learned the value of scheduling downtime. She plans to take a podcasting break before starting middle school to find a healthy balance. Celeste also enjoys being a kid through family time and Disneyland trips.

Encouragement from Mom:

Yvette beams with pride at Celeste’s podcast accomplishments and personal growth. She emphasizes the importance of supporting Celeste’s unicorn spirit by giving her space to shine. Yvette helps organize interviews so Celeste can focus on content.

Unicorn Lesson:

The key takeaway from Celeste is that unicorns unlock their potential through fearless curiosity. Let your interests guide you to colorful places. Spread your light by engaging with people and ideas joyfully.


To hear Celeste’s full inspirational story, check out her episode of Finding the Unicorn in You!

Find it on your favorite podcast app or click:

Celeste exemplifies the ambitious unicorn. Her podcast provides fellow young people inspiration to explore their interests fearlessly. Listen to Celeste’s Interest$ to hear more words of wisdom!

What did you learn from Celeste’s inspirational story? Share your key takeaways in the comments!

Connect with Celeste & Yvette:

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