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FTUIY Episode #106: Dr. Philip Hickman

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

On a recent Finding the Unicorn in You podcast, renowned education innovator Dr. Phil Hickman shared his journey to revolutionize learning. With 55+ degrees, experience ranging from teacher to superintendent, and tech startups under his belt, Hickman embodies the resilient unicorn spirit. His mission is to unlock children’s potential through personalized, empathy-based education.

Overcoming Barriers through Perseverance

Dr. Hickman’s path proves success comes from mindset, not circumstances. Though doubts crept in, he conquered imposter syndrome through self-talk, goal-setting, and surrounding himself with uplifting peers. Dr. Hickman urges assuming you’re built for greatness and embracing mentors to clear your path.

Leading Education Transformation

Dr. Hickman knows schools must transform to prepare youth for rapidly evolving tech-based jobs. His AI reading app Playbook builds early literacy proficiency, combatting later dropout risks. Dr. Hickman advocates that leaders remain agile, data-driven, and open to constant reskilling in the age of automation.

Unicorn Lesson

For Dr. Hickman, education must nurture the whole child. He notes that soft skills like resilience and self-belief are key for children to thrive amid disruption. Dr. Hickman’s humanistic approach combines personalized learning, social-emotional development, and compassion. As Dr. Hickman says, behind every success is an encouraging mentor.

Unlocking Potential in All

Dr. Hickman believes ordinary people can achieve the extraordinary given opportunity and grit. His mission ensures youth develop 21st-century literacy and life skills to follow their own unicorn paths. What key insights on mentoring the next generation of unicorns do you gain from Hickman’s journey?

Share your thoughts below!

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