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FTUIY Episode #13: Yvette Nunez & Luis Estrada

Written By: Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

In an uplifting episode of Finding the Unicorn in You, host Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza interviews Yvette Nunez and Luis Estrada, co-founders of YNL Consulting, a consulting firm aiming to help organizations and individuals reach their full potential. Despite adversity, Yvette and Luis exemplify the resilient unicorn spirit through their mission to empower others.

Yvette Nunez:

Yvette Nunez has over a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector, with specialized expertise in early childhood education and community outreach. Her nurturing nature and ability to connect with people act as the core of her mission to support their growth. Yvette is also a professor who focuses on teaching students all over Orange County about early childhood development and similar topics.

Luis Estrada:

Luis Estrada leverages over 10 years of knowledge across logistics, manufacturing, and leadership. Driven by a passion for developing teams, Luis co-founded a consultancy where he can share his skills in management, training, and mentoring.

Overcoming Hardships:

Both Yvette and Luis faced major challenges growing up, including poverty, homelessness, and family instability. But they refuse to let their past define them. Instead, they use it as fuel to help uplift others facing similar struggles. Their lived experiences make them uniquely qualified to bridge gaps and create change.

Launching a Transformational Business:

Dissatisfied with the status quo, Yvette and Luis launched their own consulting firm to have full creativity in helping clients based on core values like empathy and integrity. They aim to intersect their diverse expertise to approach problems in innovative ways. Yvette and Luis also collaborate with other passionate unicorns to expand their impact.

Guiding the Next Generation:

Drawing on their knowledge, Yvette and Luis strive to mentor and model the resilient unicorn spirit. They stress letting no obstacle deter you from pursuing your passion and reinvention. By sharing their stories, they remind us that unicorns turn adversity into opportunity through dedication and community.

Unicorn Lesson:

The key takeaway from Yvette and Luis is that unicorns harness hardship to lift up others. Let your pain guide you to purpose in uplifting those who need it most. Progress starts with compassion. Use your gifts to transform lives.


To hear Yvette's and Luis’ full inspirational story, check out their episode of Finding the Unicorn in You!

Find it on your favorite podcast app or click:

Yvette Nunez and Luis Estrada exemplify the transformational unicorn spirit. They overcame immense odds and now dedicate themselves to guiding individuals and organizations to reach their highest potential.

What wisdom or motivation do you take from their journey?

Connect with Yvette and Luis:

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