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FTUIY Episode #17: I'Cha

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

On the Finding the Unicorn in You, podcast, we interviewed the inspiring I'Cha. As a doula and community advocate, I'Cha supports and empowers birthing parents through their journey. Her story reveals the unicorn spirit of spreading light even in dark times.

Called to Serve

I'Cha has always felt drawn to community work, from volunteering at local events to aiding senior citizens. The overturning of Roe v. Wade further compelled her to become a doula, especially to help marginalized parents.

Guiding the Birthing Process

As a doula, I'Cha provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support before, during, and after birth. She helps parents learn themselves, communicate with doctors, and find ease amidst pain. I'Cha's aim is to be the ancestor-like presence birthing folks need.

Overcoming COVID-19

Getting severely ill with COVID-19 while raising three kids was I'Cha's scariest challenge. But she persevered by accepting her new normal and relying on her children's survival skills. I'Cha used hardship to reaffirm her parenting approach.

Spreading Light and Joy

Despite the trauma, I'Cha emanates positivity. She uplifts everyone around her and finds reasons to celebrate. I'Cha admires her mother's resilience and zest for life after enduring racism and deprivation.

Unicorn Lesson

I'Cha's journey reveals a vital lesson for unicorns – even in life’s hardest moments, we can choose to spread light. Though facing illness and trauma, I’Cha perseveres with love and joy.

She exemplifies finding hope and celebration amid adversity. I'Cha focuses on building community and guiding others through the pain with gentleness. Her spirit overflows with compassion and positivity.

The unicorn way is being a beacon in the darkness, no matter how small your light is. Meet hardship with empathy and spread your glow to anyone needing comfort.

Let no external storm extinguish the shining essence inside you. Stay rooted in ease and embrace each moment as a gift, even the difficult ones. Share your vibrant spirit to help others through challenges.


To hear I'Cha’s full inspirational story, check out her episode of Finding the Unicorn in You!

Find it on your favorite podcast app or click:

I'Cha embodies the unicorn spirit of nurturing community, finding light in the darkness, and greeting each day with joy. She guides birthing parents to tap into their own power with compassion.

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What inspiration do you take from I'Cha's journey?

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