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FTUIY Episode #19: Keila Mazariegos

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

On this week's Finding the Unicorn in You podcast, we interviewed the remarkable Keila Mazariegos. As an expat living in Spain, Keila has shown incredible resilience while facing numerous challenges. Her story reveals how unicorns turn obstacles into opportunities.

Becoming an Expat:

Keila took a leap of faith to move abroad and expand her horizons. Though her initial plans fell through, she persevered despite people questioning her choice. Keila highlights the courage required to uproot your life in pursuit of growth.

Overcoming Hardships:

While abroad, Keila endured an onslaught of difficulties - stolen belongings, injuries, homelessness, and more. But she leaned into the adversity and found innovative ways to sustain herself, like developing websites. Keila embodies the unicorn spirit of bouncing back stronger.

Discovering Her Strengths:

The trying circumstances allowed Keila to uncover hidden talents. Out of necessity, she taught herself website design and started freelancing. Keila is humble about her skills but clearly has a gift for entrepreneurship and technology.

The Resilient Latina Spirit:

Keila draws strength from her Latino heritage of hardship and triumph. She discusses how Latinos continually rise up, persevere, and prove their worth despite obstacles. Kayla exemplifies this resilient spirit.

Just Do It:

Keila's key advice is simply to take the leap. While failure is possible, avoiding risks also prevents growth and discovery. She urges us to silence the doubts, have courage, and boldly follow our dreams - from big moves abroad to small steps.

Unicorn Lesson

Kayla's journey reveals a key lesson for unicorns - when life throws lemons, make lemonade. Each difficulty she faced while abroad presented a chance to tap into her strengths and develop new skills. Though the road was rocky, Kayla uncovered her gifts for entrepreneurship out of necessity. Her resourcefulness turned homelessness into paid website work. Rather than defeat her, the string of mishaps empowered Kayla.


To hear Keila’s full inspirational story, check out her episode of Finding the Unicorn in You!

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Get Connected with Keila:

Keila Mazariegos inspires as a daring expat overcoming adversity in Spain. Her story highlights the unicorn qualities of resilience, innovation, and fearlessly chasing your passions against the odds. Keila proves that every challenge presents chances for self-discovery.

What inspiration do you take from Keila's journey?

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