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FTUIY Episode #26: George Garcia

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

In a fascinating Finding the Unicorn in You podcast interview, George Garcia shares his groundbreaking journey as an LGBTQ+ advocate and activist. Facing immense barriers, George persevered with passion and grit to create change.

Advocating in Hostile Environments

George began LGBTQ+ advocacy in the Inland Empire when resources were scarce. Organizations struggled amidst hostility. But George refused to accept this reality. He established the first young adult support group and LGBTQ+ youth camps, fostering community. Though constantly told “no,” George emphasizes not waiting for others to solve problems.

Forging His Own Path

The key to George’s work was rejecting others’ limited expectations, especially his disapproving father. He was told being gay meant having no future. George used this as fuel to help LGBTQ+ youth surmount obstacles he faced. He urges tuning out naysayers and focusing on your inner drive and purpose.

Creating Meaningful Change

George later co-created the first LGBTQ+ graduation ceremony at American University. He stresses conviction in your values and putting in the work to accomplish goals, no matter how hard you must push. George embodies perseverance, from starting Inland Empire LGBTQ+ projects to leading historic voter engagement.

Inspiring the Next Generation

George believes we owe it to youth to help them surpass us. He was mentored by selfless advocates who created opportunities he enjoyed. Now George pays it forward, guiding young leaders. He exemplifies the unicorn spirit of breaking barriers and bettering the world behind you.

Unicorn Lesson

George’s journey shows unicorns turn “no” into “yes” with perseverance. Let no one deter you from creating change. Lift up those who follow you.


To hear George’s full inspirational story, check out his episode of Finding the Unicorn in You!

Find it on your favorite podcast app or click:

George urges having a plan, but also resting – you can’t pour from an empty cup. Rise after setbacks and approach life with purpose. There is always more work to be done to help others shine.

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What inspiration do you take from George's journey?

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