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FTUIY Episode #33: Sohaib Albadawee

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

In a fascinating Finding the Unicorn in You podcast interview, Sohaib Albadawee shares his winding journey from aviation engineer to marketing leader and now startup founder and newsletter creator. Facing obstacles like job loss, Sohaib reinvented himself repeatedly with passion and grit. His story reveals key lessons on networking, consistency, and defining your own success.

Pivoting from Engineering to Marketing:

Sohaib started as an aviation engineer but found a passion for marketing through a mentor. He advises finding people to inspire and guide you toward new directions. Sohaib credits his career shift to influential connections.

Overcoming Job Loss in the Pandemic:

When aviation took a hit in COVID-19, Sohaib lost his marketing role. Reaching out to startup contacts, he rediscovered his love of collaborating and began consulting. Sohaib urges having side income streams and an openness to change paths.

Launching a Personal Brand and Newsletter:

After an old unprofessional social media profile jeopardized a client relationship, Sohaib committed to building his personal brand. He started Growth Tribe to share marketing advice and believes social media is about genuine connections, not viral fame.

Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur:

Sohaib realized corporate life didn't fulfill him like pursuing his passions. He advises starting a business while working full-time and proving its viability before making the entrepreneurial leap.

Consistency and Small Actions Lead to Big Results:

Sohaib emphasizes how tiny consistent efforts compound over time, relating how a gym habit of just 5 minutes created huge changes. He urges taking action daily on ideas to transform them into reality.

Unicorn Lessons:

Sohaib embodies the agile unicorn spirit, reinventing himself repeatedly through connections and consistency. His story reveals the power of opening yourself to change, small actions, and defining success on your own terms.


Hear Sohaib's full inspiring story on Finding the Unicorn in You and connect with him via the links below! His journey shows that unicorns evolve fearlessly.

Podcast Links:

Connect with Sohaib:

What did you learn from Sohaib's unicorn path?

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