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FTUIY Episode #34: Lindsay Andrews

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Written By: Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

In a fascinating Finding the Unicorn in You podcast, Lindsay Andrews shares her personal path from childhood codependency to a confident podcast host. By diving deep into self-work, Lindsay reconnected with her intuition and worthiness. Her story reveals key lessons on listening within, boldly sharing your voice, and defining your own success.

Overcoming a Legacy of Codependency:

Lindsay traced her people-pleasing tendencies back to growing up in a household with addiction. She abandoned herself to take care of others. With therapy and inner child work, Lindsay overcome codependency and learned to set boundaries.

Trusting Her Intuition and Launching a Podcast:

When a podcast interview resonated deeply, Lindsay's intuition nudged her to start her own show. Though imposter syndrome crept in, she persevered to launch Unstuck on You, dedicated to self-discovery. Lindsay found healing through serving others.

Defining Success After Divorce:

Ending her marriage was Lindsay's biggest challenge and awakening. She refused to compromise herself anymore. Though difficult, Lindsay grew from the divorce into a confident single mom. Her story inspires women to choose themselves.

Unicorn Lesson:

Lindsay reveals that the key to unlocking your inner unicorn is turning within. Do the self-work to know your truth, trust your intuition, and boldly express your voice. Let go of others' expectations and define success for yourself.


To hear Lindsay’s full inspirational story, check out her episode of Finding the Unicorn in You!

Find it on your favorite podcast app or click:

Lindsay embodies the unicorn spirit of self-trust and bold expression. Her winding path reveals that when you commit to knowing yourself, you become who you're meant to be. Lindsay encourages women to connect within and then share their voices.

Get Connected with Lindsay:

Listen to Unstuck on You:

What did you gain from Lindsay's unicorn journey?

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