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FTUIY Episode #35: Dr. Cortney Warren

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

In an insightful Finding the Unicorn in You podcast, Dr. Cortney Warren shares her winding path using personal struggles to expertly guide others through love, loss, and healing. Though Cortney’s early relationships were profoundly painful, she persevered to become a renowned psychologist and author. Her story reveals profound lessons on self-honesty, turning wounds into wisdom, and choosing to bloom.

Learning Hard Lessons About Love:

Cortney traces her early dating troubles to childhood wounds and cultural myths about romance. Falling hard at 18 and then enduring manipulative partners, Cortney struggled to trust and bond. She encourages examining unhealthy relationship patterns rooted in childhood.

Turning Insights Into Lifelong Learning:

Cortney realized her reactivity revealed core wounds that needed healing. She dove into psychology research on culture, addiction, and self-deception - driven to understand herself and help others. Her experiences fueled an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Using Her Voice to Share Hard-Won Wisdom:

After giving a pivotal talk on self-deception, Cortney was flooded with questions about love and intimacy. She wrote Letting Go of Your Ex to share the skills that transformed her relationships using psychology and radical self-honesty.

Unicorn Lesson:

Cortney reveals that the key to blossoming into your best unicorn self is radical self-honesty. Examining your darkest truths with courage allows you to heal, gain wisdom, and boldly share your light. Even the most painful struggles contain profound lessons when viewed with honest empathy.


To hear Cortney’s full inspirational story, check out her episode of Finding the Unicorn in You!

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Cortney embodies the unicorn spirit of learning from loss and cultivating wisdom from wounds. Her winding journey reveals that boldly examining your darkest truths allows you to bloom into your brightest light. Cortney helps others transform life's hardest moments into growth.

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What did you learn from Cortney's unicorn journey?

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