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FTUIY Episode #37: Derek Newborn

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

In a raw Finding the Unicorn in You podcast interview, Derek Newborn shares his winding path from childhood trauma to narcissistic behavior and now helping others overcome similar struggles. Though Derek hit rock bottom, he courageously took ownership to transform his inner unicorn. His story reveals profound lessons on self-awareness, extreme ownership, and defining your own destiny.

The Roots of Narcissism:

Derek traces his narcissistic tendencies back to suppressing childhood trauma and depression. As a successful fitness model, he hid his struggles behind his ego and used people selfishly. Derek emphasizes no one is born a narcissist - pain causes cycles of damage.

Owning His Mistakes and Choosing to Change:

After loved ones abandoned him and suicide attempts, Derek looked inward. He openly admits his narcissism devastated people. Taking extreme ownership, Derek committed to fixing his flaws, even if no one else returned. He defines true change as healing yourself, not expecting outcomes.

Helping Others Heal from the Inside Out:

Derek now uses his experiences to help others, especially women, overcome narcissistic relationships. He knows the behaviors behind the facade and takes a non-judgmental approach to guide people to the root causes of their struggles.

Unicorn Lesson:

Derek shows that the path to becoming your best unicorn self lies in taking extreme ownership. Bravely confront your flaws and shadows to understand what shaped you. Then use your hard-won wisdom to guide others into the light. Our wounds make us wise when we take responsibility for growth.


Hear Derek's full story on Finding the Unicorn in You.

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Derek embodies the courageous unicorn spirit of self-honesty and accountability. His winding journey reveals that by embracing your darkest flaws, you can illuminate the light within. Derek inspires people to write their own redemption stories.

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