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FTUIY Episode #45: Tracy Taris

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Written By: Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

In a thought-provoking Finding the Unicorn in You podcast interview, marriage, and family therapist Tracy Taris shares her journey to empowering others. Drawing on her clinical experience, Tracy provides insights on mental health, personal growth, and finding your inner unicorn.

Exploring the Power of Beliefs:

Early trauma led Tracy to examine core beliefs and "voices" that shape our lives. This inspired her book "Many Voices, One Truth," helping readers tune into their inner truth. Tracy utilizes therapy techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to overcome limiting beliefs.

On Becoming a Therapist:

Though not her initial career plan, Tracy felt drawn to therapy after a profound moment of clarity at work. Her calling was confirmed when loved ones enthusiastically endorsed the idea. She attended graduate school while working full-time.

Licensure and Private Practice:

Becoming a licensed therapist required 3000 clinical hours, which Tracy gained through her 9-5 job. She recommends paid positions that offer client contact. In private practice, Tracy found her niche in serving creative people, those lacking empowerment, and people of faith needing support.

Advice for Seekers:

Tracy advises reading therapist profiles to find the right fit based on the treatment approach and worldview. Have a consultation call before committing. Remember you can end therapy at any time if dissatisfied. Shop around to find the optimal match.

Unicorn Lesson:

The key takeaway from Tracy's journey is that unicorns follow their inner voice to live with purpose. By tuning into her calling, Tracy transforms lives through therapy. She shows we can reinvent ourselves by playing to our strengths.


To hear Tracy’s full inspirational story, check out her episode of Finding the Unicorn in You!

Find it on your favorite podcast app or click:

Taris embodies the unicorn spirit of self-discovery. Her nonlinear path reveals the power of listening within. By focusing on her gifts, Tracy transforms lives. She urges us to tune into our inner voice and define success on our own terms.

What inspiration do you take away from Tracy's journey?

Connect with Tracy:

Buy "Many Voices One Truth!" Book:

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