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FTUIY Episode #47: Marnie & Rena Schwartz

Written By: Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

In an uplifting Finding the Unicorn in You podcast, Marnie and Rena Schwartz share their inspirational path as entrepreneurial twin founders of Vibe Dance and Fitness Studio. Though facing adversity, the twins have persevered with positivity and passion to empower generations.

Discovering Their Calling:

Marnie and Rena were drawn to dance from childhood. They earned degrees in education and kinesiology, danced professionally, and created Vibe's accepting philosophy and curriculum. Their studio focuses on building confidence through recreational dance.

Overcoming Obstacles:

The twins faced doubts when starting Vibe, but remained laser-focused on their vision. During painful losses, their business and community upheld them. Marnie and Rena compartmentalized to stay optimistic at work while grieving privately.

Igniting Inner Uniqueness:

As former competitive dancers, the twins know judgments can damage self-esteem. At Vibe, they celebrate each student's inner unicorn. The curriculum builds physical and mental strength to "spill over" into all aspects of life.

Inventing With Passion:

Marnie and Rena advise unleashing passion by taking risks. They followed their dreams by creating the innovative Cartwheeler Cartwheel training tool. The twins continue reaching new heights, soon releasing an inspiring book on finding your best self.

The Empowered Unicorn Spirit:

Through all life's ups and downs, Marnie and Rena have uplifted others. They embody the spirit of resilience, kinship, and contagious joy. The twins have pioneered opportunities for youth to gain confidence through dance.

Unicorn Lesson:

The key takeaway is to let your inner light shine. Ignore doubts, embrace your uniqueness, and lead by example. Spread your vibes through empathy and empowerment. Together we can build a community of belonging.


To hear Marnie and Rena's full inspirational story, check out their episode of Finding the Unicorn in You!

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Marnie and Rena Schwartz embody the empowered unicorn spirit. They broke barriers with optimism and encouraged generations to thrive through dance. The Twins' uplifting studio reveals the power of community, confidence, and embracing your inner light.

How can we build more inclusive, empowering spaces like Vibe?

Connect with Marnie & Rena:

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