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FTUIY Episode #54: Meera Ishaya

Written By: Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

In a thought-provoking interview on Finding the Unicorn in You, Meera Ishaya recounts her transformation from a graphic designer to an Ishaya monk dedicated to inner peace. Though faced with illness and adversity, Meera persevered to find her calling.

Discovering a New Path

Plagued by chronic health issues, Meera felt there had to be more to life than stress and suffering. Her search for answers led her to the Ishaya tradition of Ascension meditation. Meera found her spiritual home among the accepting, quirky community of the Bright Path ashram.

The Modern Monk

Contrary to the solitary image of traditional monks, Meera lives an active life as a wife, mother, and author. Ishaya monks seek to embody qualities like peace, clarity, freedom, and kindness in the modern world. Their practical techniques train the mind to reach pure awareness beyond thoughts.

Overcoming Adversity

Even after becoming a monk, Meera faced traumatic challenges like a violent attack. She stresses the importance of asking for help, finding your support tribe, and using difficulties as growth. Meera forgave her attacker and transformed the relationship.

Looking Inward

Meera advises seeking validation and love from within, not external sources. Connecting to one's essence allows outer experiences of rejection to become redirection. She urges being open and willing to reinvent oneself.

The Unicorn Path

Meera Ishaya exemplifies the unicorn spirit of evolving fearlessly, sharing wisdom generously, and illuminating one's unique gifts. She found fulfillment in helping others ascend to higher consciousness.

Unicorn Lesson

The central takeaway from Meera's profound journey is that inner peace allows us to handle adversity and express our authentic selves. Meditation and self-discovery enable unicorns to overcome suffering and spread light.


To hear Meera share more spiritual insights, listen to her Finding the Unicorn in You episode!

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Meera Ishaya shows how inner work and community uplift unicorns through the darkness. Her story is an inspiration for those seeking their true path.

Connect with Meera:

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'Peace or Pain’:

‘Surrender is good for the Soul’

What wisdom most resonates with you from Meera's unicorn journey?

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