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FTUIY Episode #55: Julie Coraccio

Written By: Dr. Jaime. G. Raygoza

Julie Coraccio is an award-winning professional life, and end-of-life, organizer, certified life coach, and professional declutter’er. She is passionate about supporting people in clearing clutter in all areas of their lives; getting organized; and becoming more mindful and aware. She hosts the popular podcast, Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out and is the author of 15 books.

Julie shares her illuminating perspective on decluttering in a Finding the Unicorn in You podcast. Coraccio views clutter as anything blocking you from the life you desire. She provides actionable tips to cut through the physical and mental mess.

Look Beyond the Clutter

Coraccio urges seeing clutter not as isolated messes, but as obstacles to goals. A messy desk blocks productivity and promotion. Disorganized finances prevent achieving dreams. Reframing clutter reveals the deeper life barriers it creates.

Declutter Inwardly and Outwardly

Clearing physical clutter brings mental clarity. Tidying emotional excess improves relationships. Decluttering one area supports others in a symbiotic cycle. Start where you feel most anxious or overwhelmed. Small consistent actions add up, like 10 focused minutes daily.

Listen to Your Inner Wisdom

Coraccio emphasizes you have the solutions within. Quiet distraction and tune into your intuition. Many ignore inner guidance and require constant external validation. Have confidence in your inner unicorn.

Embrace Imperfect Progress

Let go of shame over failure or lack of advancement. Every stumble provides lessons when viewed as growth. Focus on riding life's waves, celebrating small gains. Replace judgments with self-compassion. You are stronger than you know.

Clear Your Path

Coraccio inspires embracing decluttering as freeing yourself to find inner contentment and purpose. Cutting clutter allows your authentic unicorn spirit to shine through.

Unicorn Lesson

Society's narrow metrics like wealth seldom bring happiness. To live your purpose, determine what being a unicorn personally means. Make a difference, spread joy, and define success on your terms. Clutter clouds identify your true markers of a life well-lived.


To hear Julie’s full inspirational story, check out her episode of Finding the Unicorn in You! Listen on your favorite podcast app or click:

What clutter will you declutter to reveal your inner unicorn?

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