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FTUIY Episode #57: Celia Berk

Written By: Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

In a captivating podcast interview, Celia Berkf recounts her surprising pivot from corporate executive to an award-winning vocalist. Though initially hiding her artistic side, Celia ultimately embraced her musical passions. Her story reveals the power of following your calling, regardless of perceptions.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Celia received musical theater training but left acting for a corporate career craving stability. Yet she continued voice lessons weekly for 30 years, an overlooked sign of her true passions. A question about pursuing dreams without fear helped Celia realize singing was her hidden desire.

Opening the Door to Cabaret

Celia slowly blended her corporate job with performing, wary of being seen as less serious. But the stage welcomed Celia to hone her craft and find an audience, as she funded her artistic venture. She learned to make her own opportunities.

Defying Expectations

Celia struggled to find role models with similar multifaceted lives. But she embraced being exceptional, giving herself permission to follow her own unconventional path. Celia highlights listening to your instincts and not taking judgments personally.

Continuous Growth

Celia emphasizes creative evolution, avoiding repetition. She turns obstacles into motivation to keep progressing. Her goals are intimacy with the music and connection with listeners, not fame. But Celia allows her reach to exceed her grasp.

The Unicorn Way

Celia Berk exemplifies the spirit of embracing your uniqueness and defining success for yourself. She pursued her purpose passionately despite pressures. Her story inspires others to trust their talents and follow their calling.

Unicorn Lesson

Celia reveals that believing in your inner unicorn allows you to stay true to yourself. Let no one else write the story of your life. Blaze your own exceptional trail.

To hear Celia’s full inspirational story, check out her episode of Finding the Unicorn in You!

Find it on your favorite podcast app or click:

What stuck out to you about Celia’s inspirational path? How can you apply her unicorn mindset?

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