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FTUIY Episode #59: Elizabeth Pampalone

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

In a compelling podcast interview, Elizabeth Pampalone chronicles her remarkable evolution from web designer to sought-after marketing expert. Through perseverance and calculated pivots, Elizabeth created a career and life uniquely her own.

Laying the Groundwork

Elizabeth taught herself web design in the 1990s, obtaining a programming degree. Though skilled, she disliked the cubicle coder life and moved to reinvent herself. Elizabeth launched a computer repair business but found joy in teaching local businesses marketing strategies.

Trusting Her Instincts

As her marketing work grew, Elizabeth transitioned fully into helping companies with websites and branding. When burnout hit, she made a drastic change to highly focused website intensives. Despite skepticism, this bold pivot proved successful and sustainable.

Creating Her Own Path

Elizabeth stopped chasing the big empire dream, focusing instead on serving a few clients exceptionally well. She shapes her business for freedom to pursue passions like travel. Elizabeth underscores the importance of “right-sizing” rather than unending growth.

Making Magic from Interests

Elizabeth emphasizes finding two interests that complement each other. She transformed her love of computers and senior citizens into a business teaching older adults about technology. Elizabeth urges making your own “job” from your passions.

The Unicorn Philosophy

Elizabeth embodies the maverick unicorn spirit of following her intuition. She reinvented her career multiple times by building new ventures while maintaining the old. Elizabeth inspires others to take calculated risks and define success on their own terms.

Unicorn Lesson

Elizabeth reveals that believing in your vision allows unicorns to materialize their purpose. Blend your interests into something that lights you up inside. The world needs your unique gifts.

Dive deeper into Elizabeth’s story on her episode of Finding the Unicorn in You! Find it on your favorite podcast app or click:

What stuck out to you about Elizabeth’s unicorn journey? How can you apply her advice to boldly create your own career?

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