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FTUIY Episode #60: Dr. Kelly Kessler

Written By: Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

In a candid podcast interview, Dr. Kelly Kessler chronicles her personal struggle and eventual recovery from an eating disorder. Now a physical therapist and wellness coach, she helps others achieve relief from chronic pain linked to disordered eating. Kelly’s story reveals the possibility of growth after adversity.

About Dr. Kessler

Dr. Kelly Kessler is a licensed physical therapist, transformation coach, host of the podcast Rewiring Health, the owner of Optimal You Health and Wellness, LLC, and a mom of two boys. Kelly helps high-achieving, people-pleasing, perfectionist women stop feeling burnt out and in pain and learn to heal through nervous system regulation and subconscious reprogramming. Kelly guides her clients through a personal transformation to stop being held back by limiting beliefs, pain, and never feeling good enough to becoming resilient, experiencing abundance, and being connected in the mind and body.

The Difficult Path to Awareness

Kelly developed an eating disorder while competing as a college athlete. The vicious cycle of restriction, compulsion and excessive exercise consumed her thoughts. Though recognizing a problem, she kept it secret for years until hitting rock bottom. Kelly slowly rebuilt a life aligned with her values.

Connecting the Dots

Even after recovering, Kelly battled chronic back pain into her twenties. Despite treatments, nothing relieved her agony. She finally traced the pain to lingering emotional issues tied to her eating disorder past. Resolving these inner turmoils opened the door to healing.

From Patient to Healer

Kelly became a physical therapist to help others. But working in clinics left her unfulfilled by restrictions. After losing her job during the pandemic, Kelly launched an online wellness business focused on nervous system regulation. She finds purpose in serving people with similar stories.

The Unicorn Philosophy

Kelly embodies the resilience and growth mindset of a unicorn. She transformed her painful experiences into wisdom to elevate others. Kelly emphasizes surrounding yourself with those ahead on the journey, taking small consistent actions, and rewiring negative thought patterns.

Unicorn Lesson

Kelly’s story shows that integrating the past allows unicorns to unlock their gifts. Each struggle makes you stronger and more compassionate. Use your dark times to light the way for those still suffering.

What part of Kelly’s unicorn journey resonates most with you? How can her story help you turn wounds into wisdom?

Hear Kelly share more about overcoming through self-love on Finding the Unicorn in You:

Connect with Dr. Kessler:

Listen to the Rewiring Health Podcast:

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