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FTUIY Episode #67: Csongor Daniel

Written By: Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

On a thought-provoking Finding the Unicorn in You episode, bioenergy healing expert Csongor Daniel shares his journey to wellness and purpose. Discover how tuning into energy transformed his path.

About Csongor

Csongor Daniel is one of the foremost Bioenergy healers and teachers in the world. He learned this art while an engineering student in the former Yugoslavia in the 1980s and continued practicing and teaching to this day through many international seminars, 3 published books, and lately a full online course. Csongor is a master of distant healing, with most of his clients miles or continents away. He believes that everything about us is connected to our energy field - then again, everything is energy! The secret to perfect health is openly hidden in this energy, and Csongor will teach you how to find it.

Discovering His Gift

As an engineering student, Csongor was intrigued when a chance encounter revealed his intuitive power to manipulate energy fields. This led him to a renowned healer who taught Csongor to hone his abilities and help others.

The Positive Perspective

Csongor stresses adopting a positive mindset. He advises replacing negative words with affirmations, as our thoughts influence outcomes. Even challenges provide lessons if viewed as learning experiences.

Connecting to Your Goal

Without clear goals and plans, Csongor warns we live reactively. He suggests meditation to gain insight into your purpose. Accept where you are, but move forward mindfully to manifest your vision.

Honoring Your Path

Though Csongor wondered how life may have differed with earlier directions, he recognizes every experience enriches us. By releasing resistance and seeing events as stepping stones, we can transform any path.

The Unicorn Lesson

Csongor encourages tuning into your energy and highest purpose. Let go of stress and material desires. Follow your unique talents to spread love.


Csongor Daniel shows how embracing your gifts and perspective can guide your journey. By becoming positively aligned, we can share healing and joy.

What wisdom will you take from Csongor's story?

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