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FTUIY Episode #72: Sara Deacon

Updated: Dec 31

Written By: Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

In a thought-provoking Finding the Unicorn in You podcast interview, Sara Deacon shares her uplifting approach to guiding teens and young adults to find their best selves. As an “adulting coach,” Sara equips clients with tools to navigate identity shifts and embrace possibility. Her wisdom inspires self-discovery at any age.

About Sara

As The Adulting Coach, Sara Deacon helps teens and young adults figure out for themselves who they want to be when they grow up so they can have the courage to suck at something new, and confidently decide how they want to live their own lives and adult successfully. With her unique blend of creativity and discipline, she provides a center of balance and space to untangle life's chaos. Sara believes that when you live your values, choose courage in the face of fear, and develop authentic connections with inspiring people, adulting is FUN.

Teaching Emotional Intelligence

Sara uses creative tools like Feeling Wheels to expand her young clients’ emotional vocabulary. Building this self-awareness helps them manage overwhelming feelings and recognize when emotions drive reactions.

The Power of Asking Questions

Open-ended questions allow clients to reflect deeply and access their inner wisdom about who they want to become. Sara creates space for self-inquiry, letting powerful questions reveal self-knowledge.

Focusing on Desired Outcomes

Sara guides clients to hone in on what they want to manifest rather than what they don’t want. This focus shapes motivation and direction. We must be mindful of where we place our attention.

Rewriting Limiting Stories

Sara empowers teens to reframe self-talk to be more self-loving and possibility-focused. The narratives we tell ourselves impact how we perceive the world. She helps rewrite their stories.

Embracing the Journey

Sara equips clients to view growth as a lifelong process, finding comfort with constant change. We put pressure on youth to have all the answers by 18. But identity continuously evolves as we mature.

Unicorn Lesson

The key lesson from Sara is that unicorns embrace change as the only constant. Let go of rigid expectations and trust the ongoing process of self-discovery.


Sara Deacon embodies the resilient unicorn spirit of inspiring possibility and self-authorship. Her adult coaching approach blends compassionate listening and strategic questioning to guide teens in their self-discovery. I’m excited to try her powerful techniques in my own life!

What wisdom around identity and purpose did you gain from Sara’s interview?

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