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FTUIY Episode #76: Drew Donaldson

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

Growth strategist and entrepreneur Drew Donaldson shares his journey from self-doubt to business success in a Finding the Unicorn in You podcast. Hear how he overcame obstacles to build his marketing consulting firm Grow House.

Early Struggles

Though skilled at production, Drew initially struggled to gain clients for his services. He faced rejection losing projects to inferior competitors. This gave Drew major doubts, making him question his abilities.

Embracing Vulnerability

The pandemic forced Drew to cold call business owners, sharing his own struggles. This vulnerability attracted others also willing to open up. Drew credits kindness and humility for his success more than skills.

Overcoming Barriers

After clashing with partners wanting to change his vision, Drew took on massive debt to buy them out, risking everything on himself. Though later losing 80% of clients, Drew rebuilt through the same techniques he teaches others.

Managing Self-Doubt

Drew admits self-doubt persists, but focuses on his proven track record. He's learned to push past fear of failure. Drew suggests celebrating small wins and finding confidence through consistent progress.

The Unicorn Lesson

Drew's key lesson is believing in your vision when others say it won't work. Embrace vulnerability and remember - you can overcome any setbacks on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster.


Drew Donaldson's journey reveals how entrepreneurs can turn uncertainty into success. Through kindness, strategic risks, and tracking metrics, unicorns can find their path.

What lessons will you take from Drew's inspiring story?

Find the full episode of the Finding the Unicorn in You Podcast on Spotify, YouTube, and all major podcast platforms

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