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FTUIY Episode #83: Marthea Pitts

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

On a recent Finding the Unicorn in You podcast, career coach Marthea Pitts shared her journey to help others design meaningful careers. With her mantra "shine bright," she empowers people to overcome obstacles and find fulfilling work.

From Frontlines to Macro Change

Marthea transitioned from directly serving career seekers to influencing policy and education. She aims to bridge workforce gaps, especially for underserved groups. Marthea helps shape career pathways so everyone can attain self-sufficiency.

Mindset Matters

Many cling to unfulfilling jobs Doubting their abilities, they perceive barriers that don't really exist. Marthea stresses mindset work to build confidence and believe in one's value. She teaches people how their skills translate to better opportunities.

Be Seen and Heard

As an introvert herself, Marthea understands fear of being visible. But she urges people to use their voices, be seen and get comfortable promoting themselves. There are many high-paying roles that blend your passions without having to be a leader.

The Unicorn Lesson

Marthea wants everyone to "shine bright" with their talents and education. Let no one dim your light. Embrace your worth, abilities and potential to create change. Blaze your career path boldly.


Marthea Pitts lights the way for others to transform their careers and live their purpose. Her guidance helps unicorns break free from doubt to build the life they desire.

Will you shine bright with Marthea's career coaching insights?

Find the full episode on the Finding the Unicorn in You Podcast on Spotify, YouTube, and all major podcast platforms

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