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FTUIY Episode #88: Unicorn Round Up: Working Through Workplace Gossip

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

On a recent Finding the Unicorn in You podcast, host Dr. Jaime Raygoza gathered a panel of experts to unpack the complex dynamics of workplace gossip. With insights from Declutter Coach, Julie Coraccio, adulting coach Sara Deacon, and call center CEO Richard Blank, this unicorn roundup explores gossip's roots, risks, and strategies to redirect its power.

From Survival to Sabotage

Dr. Raygoza traces gossip's origins to primitive days when sharing information boosted safety and survival. Sadly today, gossip often segregates and sabotages. Rather than bind communities, gossip can isolate individuals and strain workplace culture. Our experts explore this evolution from communal aid to competitive attack.

Look Inward, Not Outward

When gossip targets you, remembering its reflexive nature can help. Julie advises first looking inward not outward when stung by gossip. Ask what old wound or insecurity this provokes before concluding it’s about you personally. This self-inquiry can reveal opportunities for self-growth.

Confront or Clarify

When finding yourself spreading workplace gossip, Sara suggests clarifying your underlying aim. Do you seek to vent, bond, or belong? If you lack the courage for direct dialogue, simply listening and withholding judgment may help avoid escalating the drama.

Lift Others Up

Redirecting gossip's power requires self-awareness, courage, and compassion. Richard notes gossip often arises from insecurity or longing for connection. We counter gossip by lifting each other up, not dragging others down. Creating a culture where all feel valued and heard makes gossip less potent and workplaces more harmonious.

Unicorn Lesson

This unicorn roundup provides insights into gossip’s shadow side while offering alternatives to its darkness. Their wisdom inspires us to turn gossip’s destructive force into uplifting energy that builds community, belonging, and purpose for all.

What lessons will you take from this purpose-driven discussion?

Share your thoughts below!

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