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FTUIY Episode #90: Tamara Pflug

Updated: Jan 22

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

On a recent Finding the Unicorn in You podcast, confidence coach Tamara Pflug shared insights on overcoming our inner critic and self-limiting beliefs. With wisdom gleaned from her background in teaching, life coaching, and personal growth, Pflug guides us to embrace our authentic selves through self-compassion and mindset shifts.

Thoughts Create Reality

Tamara notes that our thoughts shape our reality far more than external circumstances. Challenging negative self-talk opens new possibilities. Rather than believing we're "not good enough," we can adopt a more self-affirming narrative that acknowledges our inherent worth. This simple mental adjustment can transform how we show up in the world.

Feel All Your Feelings

We often suppress emotions labeled "negative," yet discomfort is part of being human. Tamara encourages getting to know the nuances of anger, sadness, fear and self-doubt. By accepting these feelings as normal, we reduce their power over us. Processing them fully, without judgment, allows us to move forward unfettered.

Become Your Best Self

To tap your inner unicorn, envision your ideal life without constraints, Tamara advises. Then take small steps to embody your future self, living as the most actualized version of you. Don't wait for external validation or fixed destinations. Your growth emerges from embracing your ever-evolving wholeness, right here and now.

Unicorn Lesson

Tamara empowers us to write a new self-narrative, silencing our inner critic with self-belief. By mindfully parentalizing ourselves with compassion, we can undo old patterns and limiting assumptions. Her wisdom inspires us to boldly author our lives according to our truest purposes. What will you manifest by embracing your whole self?

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