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FTUIY Episode #91: Sean Robinson

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

Sean Robinson reveals his challenges and journey to stay sober and his personal transformation in this week's Finding the Unicorn in You podcast interview. He documented his experience in his book "Going Dry." His journey reveals how removing obstacles can help you become your best self.

Addiction and Unhappiness

Sean found himself overweight and regularly consuming alcohol excessively, falling into unhealthy habits exacerbated by the pandemic. Realizing he felt miserable and negative, Sean knew he needed to make a major change.

The Struggle to Change

Though Sean tried giving up alcohol for "Dry January," he struggled when others relapsed into old routines. Sean persevered, motivated to improve himself and break entrenched habits. He learned about using books, podcasts, and journaling for self-growth.

Building Healthy Routines

Sean set rules to avoid alcohol socially while still having fun. He suggests finding substitute drinks, like sparkling water, to ease the transition. Sean broke down big goals into small steps, taking it one day at a time. Marking progress on a calendar provided accountability.

Overcoming Doubt

Sean battled imposter syndrome about sharing his journey. But he focused on helping his past self, realizing many struggle with similar issues beneath the surface. Sean embraced vulnerability in order to motivate others.

The Unicorn Lesson

Sean's key insight is accepting vulnerability as a source of strength to uplift people. When we realize our struggles aren't unique, we can transform ourselves while guiding others.


Sean Robinson's uplifting book Going Dry illustrates the power of self-improvement one step at a time. His unicorn lesson teaches that overcoming doubt allows us to unlock our potential and positively impact lives.

What obstacles might you conquer to become your best self?

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