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FTUIY Episode #04: Mayra Roman

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Written By: Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

In a raw Finding the Unicorn in You interview, Mayra Roman shares her evolution from social worker to nonprofit leader/therapist. She provides wisdom on developing trust, avoiding burnout, and unlocking others’ potential through care and consistency.

Navigating the Helping Field Minefield:

Mayra found passion as a home visitor but became disillusioned by long therapy waitlists. She returned to school to become a bilingual therapist helping underserved groups. Mayra explains the importance of boundaries to avoid secondhand trauma.

Cultivating Trust on Your Team:

According to Mayra, trustworthiness is a unicorn quality in employees. While intelligence matters, trust ensures vision execution and reliability. Mayra builds confidence through honesty about role changes.

Avoiding Burnout Through Self-Care:

Mayra stresses doing what you enjoy, having support systems, and learning boundaries. She explains the dangers of absorbing clients’ trauma and the importance of supervisors providing guidance.

Inspiring Growth Through Caring Consistency:

Mayra focuses on creating an environment where staff can develop fully. She urges supervisors to show they care about employees’ aspirations. Consistency builds trust and pays off in opportunities.

Unicorn Lesson:

The key takeaway is to believe in your ability to positively influence others. Embrace humility and remember growth takes time. Consistency, trustworthiness, and caring for people create magic. Keep planting seeds - some will blossom now, some later.


Hear Mayra’s full story on the Finding the Unicorn in You podcast!

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Mayra inspires leadership through compassion and wisdom. Thank you for reading!

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