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FTUIY Episode #100: Joseph Ignance

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

On a recent podcast, author and business coach Joseph Ignus shared his journey of pushing past self-doubt to realize ambitious goals. Ignus draws on his experiences in sales, writing a book, and launching a consulting firm to illustrate how we can all defy internal barriers. His wisdom reminds us our impact is bigger than we know when we align to purpose.

Cultivate an Empowering Perspective

When setbacks strike, we often catastrophize, assuming the worst about ourselves and the situation, notes Ignus. However, adopting an empowering mindset allows us to continually learn and grow. Reframe failures into stories of grit and tenacity. Believe you can create a positive outcome regardless of circumstances. Your reaction determines your success.

Focus on Serving Others

Ignus aims to live by an "others-first" ethic - meeting people's needs through his work. This outward focus protects against self-pity and entitlement when goals aren't instantly achieved. Uplift others and meaning will emerge. Stay grounded in how your gifts can help, not just what you'll gain.

Recognize Your Butterfly Effects

Even small acts of kindness ripple out in the world in unseen ways, emphasizes Ignus. You may never witness the influence of your words and actions, but trust your unique contributions matter. The butterfly effect affirms our interconnection. Believe your goodwill shapes destinies.

Follow Your Heartbreak

Identify societal problems that break your heart, advises Ignus. Your compassion points to purposes worth pursuing. If certain injustices anger or frustrate you, get equipped to be part of the solution. You may be called to dedicate your abilities to healing what hurts.

Master the Knowledge Gaps: "You can do anything you want to do, you just don't know how yet," Ignus notes. When ambitions feel out of reach, expand your skills - not self-criticism. Commit to learning and confidently close knowledge gaps. Curiosity and grit overcome "I can't do this" mindsets.

Unicorn Lesson

Sometimes switching course is strategically wise, says Ignus. Evaluating whether you're on a trajectory of growth versus stagnation prevents wasted time. Not all dips demand persistence. But short-term uncertainty may precede emerging opportunity. Trust your instincts.


Ignus exemplifies applying one's talents to empower others while refusing internal limits. Though our impact seems small, collectively our efforts shape a better world. You hold unique gifts to share. Now boldly use them.

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