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FTUIY Episode #101: Bret Magpiong

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

On a recent podcast, author and advisor Bret Magpiong shared his “Delta Theorem” framework for clarifying life purpose and realizing potential. Drawing on decades coaching executives and ultra high-net worth individuals, Magpiong spotlights the internal work required to know ourselves and contribute our gifts. His wisdom reminds us each person has a unique essence waiting to emerge.

Identify Your Priorities, Principles and Passion

Magpiong advocates examining your priorities, principles and passion to uncover the foundation for purpose. Priorities reflect what matters most right now given your life stage. Principles are non-negotiable values. Passion encompasses activities that make you feel fully alive. At the intersection of these elements, your sense of purpose starts to reveal itself.

Envision Your Future Self Through "Eulogy" Exercise

An effective way to get clear on the “who” you aspire to become is to write your eulogy, counsels Magpiong. Picture your ideal future self and describe what people would say about you at your memorial service. This visioning shapes daily choices to compound toward your aims. Making decisions that serve your future self breeds integrity.

Activate Purpose Through Consistent Effort

Discovering your purpose is only the first step, notes Magpiong. You must exert focused effort to translate insights into positive change. Reframe failures as lessons to turn negatives into positives. Progress flows from showing up day after day to chip away at internal barriers and limitations. Sweat the small stuff.

Adopt a “Creator Mindset”

Don’t view yourself as a flawed block of marble, says Magpiong. You are the sculptor of your potential. With the “creator mindset” of an artist, chip away all that confines you from living into your highest self. Your unique essence awaits full expression. Let go of doubting your worthiness or abilities.

Unicorn Lesson

Magpiong believes each of us has a “glory within” waiting to be unleashed, much like Michelangelo saw David encased in stone. By embracing the “who” we are meant to be, we unlock our unicorn gifts for the world. When you know and live your purpose, you become infectious, helping others come fully alive too.


Magpiong calls us to do the ongoing work of self-discovery in order to understand our priorities and potential. When we uncover our unique genius and consistently activate it through focused effort, we become the “unicorns” we were meant to be – and help others do the same.

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