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FTUIY Episode #104: Myron Welick

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

In a recent Finding the Unicorn in You podcast, Myron Welick shared his incredible story of perseverance and reinvention. After losing his business in his 40s, Welick endured a 16-year “emotional wasteland.” But in his late 60s, he reinvented himself in real estate, helping investors find over $40 million in acquisitions. His unrelenting tenacity earned him the nickname “The Jackhammer.”

Fall and Wasteland

Welick built a successful apparel company from scratch. But after a devastating bankruptcy, he lost his livelihood, identity, and self-esteem. For 16 years, Welick endured financial and emotional struggles. But his resolute spirit and loving family kept him going and stopped him from “vanishing.”

The Jackhammer Rises

In his late 60s, a chance encounter introduced Wellick to real estate investing. He found his calling connecting investors to lucrative off-market property deals. Welick realized he had a gift for tenacious outreach and forging partnerships. His jackhammer perseverance allowed him to reinvent himself and thrive.

Mindset of Possibility

Welick rejects fixed ideas of life stages. He urges people, regardless of age or circumstances, to pursue their purpose with hunger. Welick believes you’re never too old or young to dream big and take action. Even in your darkest times, maintain an optimistic mindset and keep planting seeds for future blossoming.

Start Now

Welick’s advice? List immediate, annual, and 3-year goals. Then take a leap and start on your “right now” goal. As Welick says, “It’s never too late or early” to pursue your passions but don’t let fear or excuses hold you back from the beginning. Simply start and let your purpose propel you.

Unicorn Lesson

Myron Welick embodies the resilient unicorn spirit. His reinvention from misfortune shows that when you combine purpose, mindset, and bold action, you can find inner magic at any age.

What inspiration do you take from Welick’s comeback journey?

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