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FTUIY Episode #107: Michelle Vandepas

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

On a recent Finding the Unicorn in You podcast, publishing consultant and author Michelle Vandepas shared her passion for guiding writers to share their purpose. After an unexpected career pivot to publishing, Vandepas has helped thousands of authors bring their books to life. Her insights reveal how embracing your unique voice and inner magic can transform not just your writing, but your life.

Write First for Yourself

Vandepas notes a book starts as a private conversation with your most authentic self. Don't limit your truth-telling in the first draft—just write freely. You can polish the details later. But first, pour your unfiltered purpose onto the page without fear of judgment. This liberating exercise clarifies your core message.

The Book is the Byproduct

The publishing process requires leaning into your essence and perspectives. More than a book, you're crafting your author's voice. Vandepas says the self-reflection and confidence gained are the true prize. The end product is simply a byproduct of your journey to courageous self-expression.

Your Purpose is You

We each have an innate purpose, though finding words for it can prove elusive. Vandepas defines purpose not as achievements, but as our unique way of being. How you share your love and voice yourself is your purpose. Accept and embrace your power to make a difference just by being you.

Unicorn Lesson

Vandepas inspires us to write our own daring story, using creative expression to unlock our inner unicorns. Her publishing guidance empowers authors to convert life’s messy first draft into a polished purpose-driven message.

What inspiration do you take from Vandepas' journey?

Share your thoughts below!

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