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FTUIY Episode #108: Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

Finding the Unicorn in You Closes its Final Chapter

After nearly 100 episodes over two years, Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza has decided to end his popular self-help podcast Finding the Unicorn in You. While bittersweet, this final episode wraps up a rewarding chapter as Raygoza shifts focus back to his true passions.

Dr. Raygoza started the podcast as an extension of his life coaching practice to share his message about achieving balance and reducing stress and anxiety. However, producing the show ultimately took too much time away from working directly with clients. He found the show organically evolving away from his core vision.

Dr. Raygoza aims to redirect energy toward public speaking, workshops, and coaching. He recently enjoyed presenting to high school graduates and connecting through Q&As. He also plans to share bite-sized wellness tips through a weekly newsletter.

Dr. Raygoza reflects fondly on the diverse guests he hosted, from celebrities to entrepreneurs to therapists. He made meaningful friendships and gained immense insight into podcasting. Though this show concludes, he's open to starting a new podcast aligned with his next chapter.

Above all, Dr. Raygoza feels grateful for his listeners and guests over the past two years who joined him on this rewarding journey. He welcomes people to stay connected via his social media and website. While one door closes, optimism abounds about what's next.

The last Unicorn Lesson here is having the courage to evolve, even if it means ending projects once cherished. As Dr. Raygoza models, growth requires following your inner compass in new directions. Though all endings have poignancy, possibilities unfold when we align actions to purpose.

Dr. Raygoza's openness provides inspiration to keep exploring our potential while honoring when the time comes to close fulfilling chapters. His unicorn may be departing, but its magic sparks on within all it touched.

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