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FTUIY Episode #62: Julie Hintz-Barrera Aka Chronfused

Written By: Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

In a captivating podcast interview, Julie Hintz-Barrera aka Chronfused, chronicles their creative path as a performance artist. Fusing poetry, vocals, and audience participation, Chronfused spreads uplifting messages and amplifies marginalized voices. Their story reveals the power of artistic expression and community.

About Chronfused

In the more than 15 years that Chronfused (Julie Hintz-Barrera) has been professionally exhibiting their unique style of interdisciplinary art, they have made a commitment to creating one-of-a-kind interactive experiences that frame the heaviness of the world with more palatable feelings of whimsy. Using poetry, music, and improvisation Chronfused graces stages, one-on-one interactions, and numerous other artistic avenues with the intention of reminding the observer that collective joy is a force to be reckoned with.

Discovering Their Calling

First exposed to live looping vocals at a music festival, Chronfused was drawn to weaving together improv, lyrics, and sound. Their background in community theater primed them for audience interaction. Chronfused acquired their own loop station and began incorporating it into performances.

Turning Trauma Into Art

As a survivor, Chronfused joined the Artemis Musician Society to artistically end the stigma around sexual violence. Artemis Productions pairs survivor testimonies with music and visuals to spark dialogue. Chronfused is moved to share often untold stories through the power of collaborative art.

The Healing Aspect of Creating

Chronfused emphasizes joining supportive communities and contributing your skills, rather than going solo. They helped create a stirring Artemis piece highlighting the overlooked history of "comfort women" abused by Japanese soldiers. The process proved cathartic and fulfilling.

Spreading Joy as a Wizard

Seeking silliness during the pandemic, Chronfused joined a group of roving performers dressed as wizards. Monthly they "open portals to rad" and banish uggery (negativity) to brighten public spaces. Chronfused values lifting spirits through their artistic gifts.

The Unicorn Philosophy

Chronfused embodies the unicorn spirit of belief in oneself, shining your light, and bringing people together. They follow their purpose to inspire others through the arts. Chronfused reveals that creative expression allows unicorns to elevate voices.

Unicorn Lesson

Chronfused shows that leaning into your quirks and creative dreams enables unicorns to impact the world. Let your inner child guide you. When you give yourself permission to shine, you light the way for others.

Listen to Chronfused share more about their artistic journey on Finding the Unicorn in You!

What part of Chronfused’s story stands out to you? How can you apply their wisdom about

fearlessly expressing yourself?

Connect with Chronfused:

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