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FTUIY Episode #63: Richard Blank

Written By: Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

In a captivating podcast interview, Richard Blank chronicles his unexpected path from Philadelphia to building a thriving call center in Costa Rica. Fueled by his passion for Spanish, Richard took a leap of faith that led him to a life of adventure. His story reveals the power of following your purpose.

About Richard

Richard Blank is the Chief Executive Officer of Costa Rica’s Call Center since 2008. Mr. Richard Blank holds a bachelor's degree in Communication and Spanish from the University of Arizona and a certificate of language proficiency from the University of Sevilla, Spain. He was a Keynote speaker for Philadelphia's Abington High School 68th National Honors Society induction ceremony and was inducted into the 2023 Hall of Fame for Business. Giving back to Abington Senior High School is very important to Mr. Blank. As such, he endows a scholarship each year for students who plan on majoring in a world language at the university level.

Taking a Chance on Change

Richard majored in Spanish, despite his family's Ivy League expectations. An opportunity arose to work at a friend's call center in Costa Rica. Though supposed to be temporary, Richard fell in love with the culture and people. He shed old skin and made friends, embracing the Pura Vida mindset.

Creating His Own Company

After learning the business from within, Richard launched his own call center out of his home. Through hard work he grew the company, training locals to become supervisors. Richard takes pride in providing stable jobs and promoting from within.

Overcoming Family Expectations

Richard struggled with guilt over disappointing his family by forging his own trail instead of following their career path. But he knew Spanish would open doors. Richard likens his journey to his ancestors immigrating to America - a new adventure driven by optimism.

Living Life to the Fullest

Richard exemplifies the unicorn spirit of seizing every day since any could be your last in a new country. He advises throwing yourself fully into new cultures without expectations. Richard also stresses the importance of humility, vulnerability, and constant growth.

Unicorn Lesson

Richard's story shows that boldly following your purpose allows unicorns to find magic. Let no one else write the story of your life. Take a chance at change and enjoy the ride.

Hear more of Richard's unconventional wisdom on his episode of Finding the Unicorn in You! Available everywhere podcasts are found.

What part of Richard's unique journey resonates most with you? How can his story inspire your own quest to thrive?

Connect with Richard:

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