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FTUIY Episode #69: Marklyn T Johnson

Written By: Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

On a refreshingly real Finding the Unicorn in You episode, Marklyn T. Johnson shares his journey to embrace his passions for comedy and public speaking. Discover how defining your own skills helps unlock your potential.

The Corporate Struggle

Though skilled with technology, Marklyn felt stifled in rigid corporate jobs. He longed for more creative freedom. Marklyn realized he must shape his own path, not conform to others' expectations.

Exploring Comedy and Speaking

Dabbling in podcasting and stand-up comedy revealed Marklyn's talents. He honed skills in writing, humor, and engaging crowds. Though an introvert, Marklyn grew more comfortable being seen and heard.

Defining Yourself

Marklyn advises people to identify their true skills early on, not blindly follow prescribed roles. He stresses expanding abilities rather than limiting yourself to one niche. Define your interests then dedicate yourself through consistent practice.

Tapping Your Strength

By embracing what makes you unique and working at your craft, Marklyn suggests you become a unicorn. Let your talents shine instead of dimming your light to fit in. Bringing your full self makes you distinctive.

The Unicorn Lesson

Marklyn encourages finding what you love and then boldly developing those skills. Let no one else define you. When you tap your inner strength, you inspire others to do the same.


Marklyn T. Johnson shows how seeking your purpose and playing to your strengths can transform careers. He empowers unicorns to take the stage and define themselves.

What talents will you tap into?

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