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FTUIY Episode #79: Unicorn Round Up: The Meaning of Family and Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

On a special episode of Finding the Unicorn in You, host Dr. Jaime Raygoza brought together Rosie, Vanessa, and Verenice for a candid discussion on family and breaking barriers as women.

Defining Family Beyond Blood

The women reflected on how your notion of family evolves with age. As life gets busy, you drift from relatives and form deeper bonds with your chosen family - people consistently present in your life. Though cherishing childhood memories, you build nostalgia with new loved ones.

Overcoming Gender Bias

In male-dominated fields, the women haven't directly experienced hitting the glass ceiling. But some learned from mothers that as a woman, you must work harder and not rely on men. They aim to prove their competence to avoid being a "diversity hire."

Unicorn Lesson

To build equity, be gracefully unrelenting like Gen Z in demanding justice, not just equal representation. Educate yourself and take ownership when wrong. Extend forgiveness for past mistakes if people evolve. But remain uncompromising when people refuse accountability.


According to these unicorns, evolving definitions of family and persisting through bias take openness to change, brutal honesty, and unlearning assumptions.

What lessons on womanhood or belonging resonated with you from this roundtable?

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