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FTUIY Episode #92: Dr. Carrie Johansson

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

On a recent Finding the Unicorn in You podcast, clinical psychologist Dr. Carrie Johansson shared insights on improving communication, setting boundaries, and overcoming self-doubt. Blending warmth and wisdom, Dr. Johansson guides us to embrace imperfection, find common ground, and live more fully. Her words offer hope in anxious times.

Look Inward, Not Outward

When faced with judgment or gossip, Dr. Johansson advises first looking inward, not outward. Ask what old wound or insecurity this provokes before concluding it's about you. This self-inquiry can reveal opportunities for growth. We have power over our thoughts, not others' behavior.

The Boundary Castle

Dr. Johansson notes boundaries don't banish people from our lives, but invite them into different levels of closeness. She uses the metaphor of a castle, with levels ranging from the entry to the inner sanctum. We get to choose who enters each part based on alignment with our needs. This provides more options for connection.

Befriend Your Inner Critic

Self-doubt visits when we're challenging ourselves or trying something new, Dr. Johansson observes. Rather than resisting it, she suggests befriending your inner critic. Thank it for showing up, then carry on with your task while it watches from the sidelines. This puts space between you and creates agency.

Unicorn Lesson

Dr. Johansson calls us to lead with curiosity over judgment and boundaries over demands. Despite discord, most moments are safe. Anxiety distorts; joy comes through honest self-appraisal and caring connection. Her wisdom inspires us to embrace all of who we are.

How will you rewrite your inner narrative?

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