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FTUIY Episode #93: Unicorn Round Up: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

In a recent Finding the Unicorn in You podcast, host Dr. Jaime Raygoza gathered a panel to discuss strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome. Sharing insights from their diverse backgrounds were author Bracha Goetz, author and advocate Savannah Hauk, and supply chain professional Xochitl Morales. Their conversation revealed how community can help quiet our inner critic.

Look Inward and Listen

When imposter syndrome strikes, the experts encourage first looking inward. Be curious about what past hurt or insecurity this provokes before assuming it reflects some current lack. External validation helps, but sustainable confidence arises from mindfully parenting ourselves with compassion. Slow down, get honest about strengths and weaknesses through self-inquiry, and take steps to grow.

Vulnerability Builds Trust

Admitting we're struggling often enhances connection and learning. Share uncertainties, ask questions, request support. People usually respond with care when we're authentic. Suppressing doubts disconnects us from others. If you lead, model humble service over harsh judgment. Apologize for missteps, then forge ahead.

We're Always Becoming

View yourself as a work-in-progress, not fixed endpoint. You needn't be defined by past versions nor confined by current limiting stories. Keep challenging assumptions and biases learned long ago. No one is perfectly whole, but we're all worthy. Comparison obscures our distinct gifts. Instead of demanding others validate you, look inward to honor your evolving wholeness.

Unicorn Lesson

Our inner critic often echoes old shame or envy. Yet focusing on gratitude and celebrating small wins can quiet its dissent. Perfectionism is the enemy of purpose. Forge ahead imperfectly rather than waiting for the perfect moment. You belong wherever you stand.

How will you rewrite the negative narratives holding you back?

Share your experience below!

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