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FTUIY Episode #95: Moshe Bar-Natan Hajaj

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

On a recent Finding the Unicorn in You podcast, diversity consultant Moshe Hajaj shared insights on creating more inclusive spaces. Drawing on his research exploring gay club culture and platonic friendships, Hajaj guides organizations to welcome diverse voices. His wisdom reminds us connection begins with humility and openness to learn.

Ask First, Assume Never

When unsure how to interact across differences, lead with curiosity, not judgment, Hajaj advises. Avoid stereotypes. Ask respectful questions to expand your awareness. Though mistakes happen, being humble allows growth. See each encounter as an opportunity to gain understanding. Suspend assumptions and listen.

Look for Gaps, Then Ask

Promoting inclusion starts with observation, says Hajaj. Notice who’s missing from the table, then dig deeper. Ask those impacted what they need to feel welcomed, not just what seems lacking to you. Make space for others’ voices before enacting top-down “fixes.” Solutions lie in the lived experiences of those excluded.

Kindness Is Key

Simple acts of kindness can inspire belonging, according to Hajaj. In clubs, bars, or other social settings, reach out to someone alone. Make introductions, and offer gentle guidance, but allow people their process. Going out of our way for others often repays us with unexpected connections.

Unicorn Lesson

Hajaj calls us to open our eyes and hearts, anticipate others’ needs, and hear their truths. Inclusion takes work yet enhances everyone.

How can you cultivate more caring communities? What voices need amplifying in your world?

Share your reflections below!

Find the full episode of the Finding the Unicorn in You Podcast on Spotify, YouTube, and all major podcast platforms

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