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FTUIY Episode #96: Pete Alexander

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

On a recent podcast, laughter yoga instructor and author Pete Alexander shared his personal health journey and tips for managing stress. After being hospitalized for stress-induced diabetes, Alexander had an "aha moment" and made self-care a priority.

Listen to Your Body's Signals

Alexander urges tuning into your body's signals like headaches, back pain, and weight fluctuations which may indicate excessive stress. Don't ignore the signs - take action before chronic disease sets in. Stress manifests differently for everyone, so notice your own patterns.

Set Boundaries and Communicate Needs

Learn to set boundaries at work and in life, Alexander advises. If overwhelmed, tell your manager you can take on a new project if something else comes off your plate. Ask them to prioritize. Communicate challenges proactively, not at the last minute.

Laughter Provides Powerful Stress Relief

Alexander turned to laughter yoga after his health crisis, noting its contagious effects. Laughing lowers cortisol, produces endorphins, and forges social bonds. Seek simple, everyday ways to inject humor and playfulness into your life.

Unicorn Lesson

Listen to your body's signals, communicate needs assertively, and make self-care a consistent habit - your health is priceless.

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