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FTUIY Episode #97: Mike Breeze

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

On a recent podcast, behavior change specialist Mike Breeze shared insights on moving from goal-setting to goal achievement. Drawing from decades of research and client work, Breeze spotlights how mindset transformation is key to realizing our aspirations. His wisdom reminds us that unlocking our potential requires releasing limiting beliefs.

Get Specific to Clarify Commitment

Breeze advocates getting highly targeted with goals using his G.O.A.T. method. The "G" stands for getting specific on six key areas, beyond just having a S.M.A.R.T. goal. Clearly defining your motivation, benefits, skills/resources needed, potential challenges, key players, and timeline creates focus and commitment. Ambiguous goals often reflect ambiguous desires.

Cultivate an Open Mindset for Growth

People with fixed mindsets undermine themselves by insisting they lack inherent talents or abilities. But skills can be developed, Breeze emphasizes. View yourself as a constant work-in-progress. Focus on progress over perfection. Launch projects before they're "fully ready." With an open mindset, you remain teachable and solutions-focused.

Take Consistent Action to Build Momentum

Breeze advocates the "two-minute rule" - take some action toward your goal each day, even if it's just two minutes of effort. Tiny gains accumulate into big results over time. Action breeds motivation more than motivation spurs action. So schedule your two minutes to maintain momentum.

Change Self-Talk from Negative to Empowering

Per Breeze, 80% of our habitual thoughts are negative, undermining our goals. Words impact our subconscious deeply, especially those we say to ourselves. Reframe negative self-talk to be more empowering. Celebrate small wins. And surround yourself with others who speak positivity into your life.

Reset Limiting Beliefs for Growth

Other people's doubts reflect their limitations, not yours, Breeze reminds us. Look to those who uplift and champion your dreams. Ultimately, no one else can definitively know your capabilities. Release attachment to other's approval. Blaze your own trail instead of following well-worn paths.

Take Risks Without Fear of Failure

"Your playing small does not serve the world," says Breeze. Living congruently with your passion and purpose requires courage and occasional failure. With an open mindset, failures become lessons. Fears of rejection and imperfection hold many people back from greatness. Move through the discomfort into your calling.

Permission to Play Full-Out

Breeze encourages fully embracing your uniqueness and giving your dreams 100% effort. Don't die with potential left unrealized due to self-doubt or complacency. You are called to contribute your diverse talents and energy. Playing small leaves the world deprived of your gifts. Shine brightly!

Unicorn Lesson

Ultimately, believes Breeze, living your "unicorn life" means boldly chasing a purpose bigger than yourself. Break barriers, defy limitations, and pioneer your own path vs. following the herd. When you know your worth, other's doubts lose their power. Blaze ahead - the world needs your magic!


With strategic effort and an empowering mindset, realizing your goals is within reach. Get clear on your vision, take consistent action, manage self-talk, and release limiting beliefs that obstruct your dreams. You already hold the potential for greatness - now boldly unleash it!

Find the full episode of the Finding the Unicorn in You Podcast on Spotify, YouTube, and all major podcast platforms

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