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FTUIY Episode #99: Heather Vickery

Written By: Dr. Jaime G Raygoza

On a recent podcast, transformational success coach Heather Vickery shared insights on building an empowered mindset and belonging to oneself. Drawing on modalities like human design and NLP, Vickery helps people construct a solid “foundation of worthiness” from within before taking purposeful action. Her wisdom reminds us our inner knowing holds the answers we seek.

Know Your Unique Design

Human design examines how we're each uniquely wired based on astrology, quantum physics, and more. Vickery pulls each client's chart to reveal their innate characteristics and decision-making abilities. This helps people understand where they need self-compassion versus pushing. Knowing your design allows customize goals and plans.

Listen to Body Signals

Our bodies communicate messages, yet we often let thoughts override physical intuition, says Vickery. Tuning into sensation provides inner wisdom for decision-making and illustrates where we need care. Headaches, anxiety, and back pain all signify something that needs to be addressed. Somatic work helps reconnect us to the inner truth.

Small Steps Yield Big Changes

Transformation occurs slowly through tiny actions compounded over time, Vickery emphasizes. A year of coaching may plant seeds that sprout into epiphanies later. Celebrate incremental gains like speaking your truth a little louder. Focus on progress over perfection. Consistency and patience are key.

Allow Yourself to Dream Big

To tap your inner "unicorn," envision possibilities without limits, advises Vickery. When we freely imagine, we grant ourselves permission to explore paths once deemed impossible. We clarify desires and spot potential steps toward fulfilling them. Bold dreaming precedes bold action.

Practice Extreme Self-Care

Vickery models the self-care she advocates, pausing for baths, tapping, and meditation amidst busy days. carving out time for stillness and joy is essential. Say no to obligations that deplete you so you can wholeheartedly say yes to people and activities that energize you. You can't pour from an empty vessel.

Rewrite Limiting Internal Narratives

Notice when perceived external judgments sneak into your self-talk, Vickery warns. Other's doubts reflect their fears, not truths about you. Counter-limiting stories with empowering affirmations about your strengths and talents. Edit the script to one that honors your worth.

Radiate Your Magic

When you bravely pursue purposes bigger than yourself, you light the way for others, says Vickery. Shake off conformity and comparison. The world needs your special gifts. Allow your inner light to blaze brightly. You possess everything required to shine.

Unicorn Lesson

Vickery reminds us we hold the power to write our life story as the bold, beloved hero. But first, we must believe we deserve the pen and accept it from no one else. Our inner wisdom provides the compass; self-trust provides the fuel. It's time to belong to your best self.

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