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FTUIY Episode #42: Greg Gusto

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Written By: Dr. Jaime G. Raygoza

In recent years, thrifting has gained immense popularity as people seek unique styles at affordable prices. One individual who has mastered the art of thrifting is Greg Gusto, a stylish and creative influencer based in LA. This blog post delves into Greg's captivating journey, inspired by his podcast interview on the Finding the Unicorn in You podcast, where he shares his passion for thrifting, fashion, and sustainability.

The Beginning of the Journey:

Greg's thrifting journey began during his high school years when he discovered the joy of exploring thrift stores. Despite the prevailing conformity in fashion, Greg had a distinct sense of style.

He would experiment with different outfits, finding inspiration in his dad's and grandfather's clothing choices. Thrifting became the gateway to affordable, unique pieces that allowed Greg to express his individuality.

The Impact of TikTok:

During the challenging times of the pandemic, Greg found solace and creativity on TikTok. One video in particular, showcasing his fabulous strut, went viral, propelling him into the world of social media. The overwhelming response he received from people around the globe inspired Greg to create more content and embrace his role as an influencer.

The Art of Thrifting:

Greg's expertise lies in the ability to uncover hidden gems in thrift stores. He has honed his skills in finding unique pieces, blending fabrics, designs, and patterns to curate remarkable outfits. Through his guidance, Greg empowers others to tap into their creativity and develop their own sense of style, transforming thrift finds into fashion statements.

Finding the Right Occasion:

One of the challenges many faces with bold and unconventional pieces is finding the right occasion to wear them. Greg encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zones and embrace their favorite pieces, pairing them with confidence and creating unforgettable looks. He emphasizes the power of self-expression and celebrating one's uniqueness.

Building a Capsule Wardrobe:

Greg advocates for the concept of a capsule wardrobe, consisting of essential pieces that can be mixed and matched to create versatile looks. He highlights the significance of timeless items such as a black t-shirt, black slacks, and black boots, which form the foundation of a wardrobe that transcends trends and seasons.

Collaborating with Brands:

Greg's expertise and influence have caught the attention of renowned brands such as Venmo, Swim Outlet, Crossroads Trading, and Goodwill SoCal. Through these collaborations, he promotes sustainable fashion and encourages others to embrace the benefits of thrifting. Greg utilizes his platform to encourage people to find their own style.

Unicorn Lesson:

The key takeaway from Greg's thrifting journey is to have the courage to express your unique self. By embracing your authentic style and passions, you can unlock your inner creativity. Approach fashion as a form of self-care and find confidence in rocking bold looks that capture your personality. Let go of conformity and external validation - your unicorn shines when you stay true to your values and interests.


Greg Gusto's thrifting journey is a testament to the power of self-expression, creativity, and sustainability in the world of fashion. His passion for thrifty finds, combined with his unique style, has not only shaped his personal brand but has also become a source of inspiration for countless others. By embracing thrifting, individuals can uncover hidden treasures, express their authentic selves, and contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry. Greg's story serves as a reminder to explore our passions, experiment with our fashion choices, and unleash the unicorn within us.

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